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Two Game Developers enter the Devcom ‘22 for the first time. Through their shared experience of amazement, intense networking and being in awe, they form a friendship. And from that friendship comes this podcast, which is Not A Bug.
We are Arkhaniir and Nicole and we are here to explore game development, Game Industry, and our experiences within it. Continuing to learn as we share and sharing as we learn!

Arkhaniir: Working in mobile games full time since 2017, and podcasting about games since before that. Currently working on a roguelite game as an indie game developer on the side. A full time gamedev by day, a solo gamedev by night!
Nicole: Became a 3D artist to feed a mild god complex. Joined forces with her friends and colleagues at Spoonful Games. Currently working on “Adventurers’ Advocate”, a narrative puzzle game hybrid in a cozy fantasy setting.